Whether fishing on our own or alongside some of the most talented anglers we’ve learned a thing or two so we started making a list of some tricks and tips that make fishing more productive and more fun.

1. Mark Up Your Soft Baits

With indelible markers, you can add a number of realistic baitfish patterns to your soft-plastic baits. Be creative!

2. Stow Snaps And Swivels

The most important links in your connection to a fish also happen to be very easy to lose in your bag. To better keep these tiny pieces of terminal tackle, slide them one at a time onto a large snap, and attach that snap to a lanyard worn around your neck.

3. Clip Your Trebles

Swap out the trebles for single hooks and you’ll change, or even ruin, the fish-catching action! To keep the plugs swimming right but gain the easy-unhooking benefits of single hooks, all you need to do is clip off the points on two of the tines, just behind the barb.

4. Cut Down on Tangles

The dreaded wind knot can be prevented by manually flipping over the bail on your spinning reel after a cast. This keeps the line from twisting as it works its way from the bail to the line roller.

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